Thursday, May 1, 2014


I have a real love-hate relationship with this shopping cart:

I love it because my kids are entertained while I grocery shop, but the steering is awful and I feel like I'm driving a semi, it's so long and awkward. I also hate that if we arrive at the store, and it's not there Claire has a minor freak out. This is the conversation we had the other day after Claire saw someone else using the "yellow cart" while we were shopping.

Claire: I wanted to use to the yellow cart!

Me: I know, but someone else was using it. We need to share and let other people have a turn.

Claire: Why?

Me: Because it's nice to share with people.

Claire: Why?

Me: Because Jesus asks us to share with others.

Claire: Oh. Maybe next time Jesus will share with us.

Me: Haha, yes, maybe.

Claire: Maybe we can ask Married if we can use it next time.

Me: Married?

Claire: Yeah, Married, Jesus' mom!

I told Drew about our conversation, and we were both dying with laughter! Oh Claire....

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