Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Claire has been talking about going to preschool since February, so there was a lot of excitement when the time finally came for her first day of school.

I have to admit, that last year when we started thinking about preschool I was pretty ready for her to go. Hunter was an infant and colic-y and reflux-y and I was so ready for a little break of just one kid for a few hours. It was also exciting to think of her getting to meet new friends and do fun activities.

Then it hit about 3 weeks before school was going to start and I started getting totally emotional about it! Who was going to help her open her lunch, tie her shoes, button her pants and be there to cheer her on? Well obviously her teachers would be, but the emotional mother in me did not take that as a good enough answer. Claire also tends to talk about things with such excitement, and then have a minor freak out when it actually happens, so I was a little nervous about how the first day would go.

Thankfully it went great! There were no tears shed be any of us, and she told me she had a great time, and even asked to stay longer. When I told her we could come back again on Thursday, she pouted and told me "But mom, it's just so hard to wait!". We only have three days under our belts, but so far she is loving it!

I think Hunter is also enjoying Claire going to preschool; he is really relishing in getting all the attention for a couple of hours :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Claire's Under the Sea Party

I cannot believe that Claire's party was almost 2.5 months ago, and I am just now getting to blog about it. 
Claire was going through a mermaid/nemo/ocean animals phase, so I thought I'd combine them all into one and do an under the sea party for her. This year was the first year she had a specific list of friends she wanted to invite to her party; it's so fun seeing her make friendships on her own.

 We had been talking about getting a play structure for the backyard for a while, so we combined Hunter and Claire's presents and my parents went in on it with us too, and we took the plunge. It has been awesome! I love being able to let the kids play in the backyard even if we don't have time to actually go to the park.

We worked on it in the garage in evenings after the kids went to bed for a week leading up to the party. Thankfully Mom and Dad Arnold came to stay with us the night before the party, because Dad and Drew got it all put together in the backyard that night! We got to surprise Claire with it the next morning before her party, which was so fun! 

Another great reason that Mom and Dad came to stay with us? I could give my mother in law my pinterest ideas and she brought them to life! I was nervous about carving the shark watermelon, so I was happy to pass it off to my talented mother in law :)

 Sand toy party favors for Claire's party guests 
 Hunter and Grandma Arnold.
 These three girls are so sweet together! Claire was in heaven having her friends over to play tea party and dress up for hours :)

Can't believe we have a 3 year old! Where has the time gone??


What a whirlwind of a summer! One day I was thinking "I need to sit down and blog Claire's birthday" and then I turn around and we're at the end of summer and I have a whole lot more to catch up on!

So here is a very brief recap of what we've been up to this summer

We knew we were going to go camping at the beach this summer with my family, so since Hunter has never been camping before we thought we'd do a short test run close to home. We went to Indian Henry outside of Estacada for just one night. The kids did great during the day and had a great time splashing around in the creek and Hunter really loved eating the dirt.

And then came night time. Claire passed out as soon as we put her in her sleeping bag, Hunter on the other hand cried on and off for almost an hour and half. The people next to us were slamming their car doors and screaming at their kids, so every time we finally got Hunter to sleep, he would hear them and wake back up; it sure made for a long night!

The kids then woke up at 5:40am and in an effort to keep them quiet and not wake up the entire campground, we stuck them in the car with dry cereal while we packed up. We were packed up and back home by 7:15am. We all took naps that day ;)

At the beginning on the summer I took the head coaching position at Sandy High School for their cheerleading team. I am so excited for this crazy adventure, but holy cow, it is a ton of work! I have only ever assistant coached, so I never had to deal with the parents, the fundraising, the paper work, etc... which can make me feel like a crazy person sometimes. As of right now, I am coaching both JV and Varsity, which is 41 girls. Yes, 41 girls! I was hired after tryouts and the old coach had a thing for LARGE teams, but it's been good so far. I have some really awesome girls, and I'm hoping for a great first year!

We bravely went to the beach to try our second shot of camping with Hunter. I am so happy to report that this time went much better! It helped to have lots of people around willing to help with the kids, and they had so much fun playing with their second cousins.
It was pretty windy at the beach, so we didn't last a really long time, but both kids had so much fun splashing in the ocean and playing in the sand.

Hunter and Claire both really loved the ocean, even in the crazy wind!

Drew also switched jobs at the beginning of summer, so he's been settling into a new routine too. He's actually closer to home now too which is great! It's so nice that his commute is shorter and he can be home earlier with the kids, since there is such limited time between dinner and the kids' bedtime.

And now summer is over. Claire has started preschool, and football season is full swing as of yesterday. I'm hoping to get into a good routine now that our schedule is more consistent, and hopefully blog more than once every couple months :)