Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Claire has been talking about going to preschool since February, so there was a lot of excitement when the time finally came for her first day of school.

I have to admit, that last year when we started thinking about preschool I was pretty ready for her to go. Hunter was an infant and colic-y and reflux-y and I was so ready for a little break of just one kid for a few hours. It was also exciting to think of her getting to meet new friends and do fun activities.

Then it hit about 3 weeks before school was going to start and I started getting totally emotional about it! Who was going to help her open her lunch, tie her shoes, button her pants and be there to cheer her on? Well obviously her teachers would be, but the emotional mother in me did not take that as a good enough answer. Claire also tends to talk about things with such excitement, and then have a minor freak out when it actually happens, so I was a little nervous about how the first day would go.

Thankfully it went great! There were no tears shed be any of us, and she told me she had a great time, and even asked to stay longer. When I told her we could come back again on Thursday, she pouted and told me "But mom, it's just so hard to wait!". We only have three days under our belts, but so far she is loving it!

I think Hunter is also enjoying Claire going to preschool; he is really relishing in getting all the attention for a couple of hours :)

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