Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

It's been our tradition the last couple years to go and get our tree the day after thanksgiving. This year that was totally our plan, but when all three kids woke up with colds, we ended up pushing our plan back a day.

On Saturday afternoon we stuffed all the kids in the back of papa's truck and headed out to find our 2 christmas trees! We always end up getting two; one for the front room for all the kids ornaments, and one for our living room for our more grown up and spaced out (ie, not all on one branch like my children love to do) ornaments.

We went to a place down the road that has any size nobel for $15. It ended up that these trees were tall! I'm talking the shortest tree probably being 9 feet. We ended up cutting a tree a foot or two up and still cutting almost another foot off at home to fit our 9 foot ceilings!

We also usually decorate our tree that same night, but with three kids under 4 and everyone feeling sick it took us yet another day to get our act together and get decorated.

The kids were so excited, and kept running around yelling about the lights and getting glitter everywhere :)

We put all three kids in their matching christmas jammies and got this sweet picture of them in front of the tree. Who are we kidding; we actually bribed them with candy and this is the most decent picture out of the zillion we took. We also almost had a baby dropping incident as well. Poor Tucker ;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

4 Months!

Our little man is 4 months old!

Weight: 15 lbs 4 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 25.25" (50th percentile)

-Wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
-Consistently rolling from tummy to back, and beginning to try to roll from back to tummy.

-Tucker had his first real belly laugh this month! He was cooing and giggling at Claire on our way down the stairs, and then when she started to dance around he let out a nice big laugh. He has yet to do it again, but still coo's and makes little giggle noises here and there.

-We started the month with some rough sleeping, most likely due to the infamous 4 month sleep regression. We were trying it all, and after finally getting a good routine for naps and bedtime, and a tiny bit of sleep training, we are mostly back on track! Our typical night is bath, feed, books, and into bed by 8:00pm. We do a dream feed at 10 when we head to bed, and then Tucker is usually up to eat again around 2:30-3:00am, then back to sleep and up again anywhere between 6:00-7:00am.

-Tucker had his first Thanksgiving, first cold, and first Christmas tree hunt this month. The poor little guy was pretty miserable for a day or two with his cold!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

3 Months!

Well hey there 3 months; you sure snuck up on us again! 

I don't have any exact measurements, but I'm guessing he's close to the 14 lb mark. I just switched out his 3 month for 6 month clothes a week ago. The 6 month things are still a little big, but most of his 3 month stuff was getting too tight. He also just moved up to a size 2 diaper, but I may or may not be trying to squeeze him into the rest of his size 1's that I have on hand ;) He's still eating every 2 hours during the day; sometimes he'll make it 2.5, but this kids loves to eat!

 Activities/ Motor Skills:
We're working on enjoying tummy time more, but it's still not a favorite activity. Tucker is getting a lot more head control and likes to pick his head up and look around when we hold on our shoulder. He's also discovered his hands this month and loves to suck on them, with the occasional accidental finger gag that we have to watch for.

We were in a pretty good routine until a few days ago of sleeping from about 9:30pm-3:00am and then up again at 7:30-8am. Unfortunately we seem to be regressing and we are back to 10pm-2am or so and then up again around 5am to eat.
 Life In General:

I have a sick obsession with matching pajamas. Just you wait until Christmas time....

 Halloween was pouring down rain, so Tucker and I stayed back at the house with our friend Jen and handed out candy while Drew and Jason took the older kids trick or treating. Even though we stayed home, Tucker still got to dress up for Claire's preschool halloween party and for hanging out at home. Cutest little pumpkin I've ever seen!
He's still one of the most laid back and happy babies I've ever seen. We are so blessed with his sweet personality and ability to put up with all of his siblings crazy antics :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

A few weekends ago we headed to the pumpkin patch on opening day with our friends Jen and Jason and their little boy Caleb. It was such a nice sunny fall day, and the kids had a great time riding the hay ride, visiting the sheep and pigs, and getting to pick their pumpkins. Tucker was a champ and slept through the whole thing ;)

These pictures crack me up! The one on the top is from our trip last year, and the one on the bottom is from our trip this year. Jen and I joked that we'll be making the boys sit on this tiny bench until they're in high school to get our annual pumpkin patch picture ;)

Because we got our pumpkins so early, and let's be real, because of the mess factor too, we let the kids paint their pumpkins that night. They had a blast, and Drew and I loved the easy clean up :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

2 Months!

Weight: 11lbs 12oz (34th percentile)
Height: 23.5"(70th percentile)

Diapers: Size 1
Clothing: 0-3 month

Our little peanut is 2 months old! He continues to be the sweetest and most mellow baby.

Sleeping: Every so often we get a good stretch from about 10-3, but typically he sleeps from about 9:30/10pm-1:30/2:00pm, then eats again around 4:30 and up around 7:30/8am. Luckily he's a quick eater and typically goes right back to sleep without any fussing. He's a good napper, and has put himself on his own schedule for naps. He's now at the point where he needs to be in his room away from the craziness of siblings to be able to nap well.

Eating: During the day he's eating about every 2-2.5 hours. Sometimes he gives us a stretch of 3 hours or so. He's become a quick eater and I'm typically only feeding him for about 7-10 minutes.

Developmental: He's rolled from his tummy to his back a few times, but I've realized I haven't been giving him nearly as much time on the floor as I should! I chalk it up to the safety issue of the older siblings trying to "help" when we gets floor play time ;)

Social: He's starting to become very social and smiley! It's been so sweet to go and get him from his bed or car seat and have him greet me with a big smile. I've heard a few coo's here and there too; he's such a sweet and happy baby!
Tucker continues to be mommy's assistant coach for cheerleading, and has been such a trooper getting toted along to practices and football games. Thankfully football season is almost over, because he's having a harder time sleeping through the noise and excitement of football games! 

We love you little man!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

1 Month

What a whirlwind of a month!
Weight: 9lbs 8 oz (47th percentile)
Height: 21" (23rd percentile)
Our tiniest little baby! It's so crazy to not have a big chubby baby this time around. Tucker is wearing newborn diapers and still in newborn clothes; the longest any of our kids have fit in newborn stuff! I secretly love that he is staying so tiny, it makes his babyness seem to stretch out a little longer.

This first month consisted of lots of napping on daddy, who seems to have the magic baby sleeping touch! Anytime Tucker won't calm down or sleep, I can hand him to Drew and he is out within seconds.

Tucker coached his first cheer practice at just two weeks old! We had a week of daily doubles, and then he came along to cheer camp the next week. He's gonna be a pro cheerleader before I know it ;)
 Tucker has been by the far the easiest baby yet. He is so calm and laid back, which is such a blessing since this seems to be the busiest season yet for our family! His typical nighttime sleep schedule is bed around 9:30-10pm, wake around 2:30am to eat, and then again around 5 or 6am; not too bad for a newborn! Up until about week 4 Tucker was in our room, either in his swing, or more often in Drew's arms. Right about the one month mark we were able to transition him to not having to sleep directly on one of us, which has been a huge relief for our backs ;) During the day he is eating every 2 hours pretty consistently, and doing lots of napping. He does however give us a few good stretches of awake time a day; he has been the most alert of all our babies.

He tolerates his siblings so well! I'm sure he loves them too, but let's be honest, right now the poor kid is slightly smothered by them, so tolerate might be the better word for the moment. Both Claire and Hunter are very sweet with him, and just want to be up next him all the time. We often have to remind them to back up and not be so close to his face!

We had quite a few appointments this first month for our little guy, but hopefully we are slowing down on those. We went and saw the ENT a few times for a lip tie and tongue tie revision (Dr. Gehari in amazing if you need a ENT) and we've been to lactation and the pediatrician a few times for thrush that we just cannot seem to shake (we're on about week 3 now).

What a crazy whirlwind of a first month! We are so thankful for such a sweet and calm baby. Tucker has been the perfect addition to our family; it's crazy to think of our lives before he came. We love you sweet little man! 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tucker's Birth Story

I meant to get this up earlier, but the combination of three kids, a week of cheer daily doubles, and then a week of stunt camps has put me back by almost 4 weeks! Oops!

As usual with birth stories, this is going to be long; sorry! If you want the short version here it is:
Tucker Jean Arnold
Born 8/2/2015 at 4:14am
8lbs 5 oz, 21" and 13.75" head

We were scheduled to be induced on Tuesday, August 4th, just a few days over 39 weeks. At my last doctor appointment I was at 3 cm and still about 70% effaced. The doctor kept saying she would be shocked if I actually made it to my induction date. I was fairly skeptical since with Hunter I walked around at 4cm and 90% effaced until 3 days before my due date.

I was nervous about being induced, as I had always gone into labor on my own with the other two, but in a way it was nice to know the date it would happen, and I could get grocery shopping done, the kids packed, and have everything ready.

On Saturday, August 1st, we woke up and took the kids for a walk to our local coffee shop and then walked home. Even after a long walk up the hill, I still didn't feel any contractions. That afternoon I met up with my friends Liberty and Jen in happy valley to have lunch and get pedicures to celebrate Jen finishing her board exams, and me being induced in a few days. It was so fun having a little girl time and getting our toes done, especially since Jen and I could no longer reach them!

After getting home we hung out around the house, I made dinner, and around 6:00pm as we were starting to get the kids ready for bed I started feeling contractions. I figured that as soon as I started doing something else, they would go away, as most of pre-labor contractions did. By the time we were doing our final tuck in at 7:00pm my contractions were still going and getting stronger. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I had this strange feeling like this was it, so we took a few last pictures together as a family of 4.

Last time as a family of 4!

After the kids were in bed I knew the true test of if my contractions were here to stay or not would be getting in the shower. Typically the warm water would make them stop, but not this time. The warm water actually seemed to make them stronger. I got out of the shower and had Drew call my parents to come over and be with the kids. We threw together our stuff (I had planned on doing all of this Monday before our induction) and by 8:00pm we were on our way to the hospital.

After getting checked in (to the last room available!) the nurse checked me and said I was about 4-5 cm and 70% effaced. I actually thought they were going to send me home since that wasn't much progress from where I was at my last appointment, but after some monitoring they started be on antibiotics (I tested positive for strep b) and we knew we were here to stay.
One last bump photo! 

After laboring for a few hours, and getting through my first full bag of antibiotics, the doctor came in around 11:45pm and we agreed on breaking my water, since in the past my labors have always stalled until my water broke. She checked me and I was at 6cm and about 80% effaced. Knowing that my contractions go from manageable to super painful after my water breaks, I decided to get my epidural before my water broke. They got the epidural placed around midnight, and the doctor came back to break my water at 12:30am.

The nurse and doctors suggested we try to get a little rest and let them know when I was feeling pressure. Drew and my mom tried to sleep for a while, but I actually had a really hard time sleeping. My epidural ended up being incredibly strong, which made it so I wasn't able to move at all, and I had a hard time sleeping because I was so uncomfortable but unable to shift positions. 

The nurse came in and checked me again around 1:30am and I was 8 cm and still about 80% effaced. I was super disappointed that things didn't seem to be going as quickly as they did last time. My contractions were showing up on the monitor about every 4 minutes or so, and I started getting worried that things were slowing down and they would want to start me on pitocin. The nurse told me not to worry, and that as long as the contractions were continuing to progress me, they didn't care how far apart they were.

Around 4:00am I started feeling some pressure and asked the nurse to come in and check me. Sure enough, she said I was 10cm, 100% effaced and ready to push! She grabbed the doctor and at 4:12am I started pushing, and 2 minutes later Tucker made his entrance at 4:14am!
Tears of happiness as we got to meet Tucker for the first time!

We got to snuggle our little guy for almost two hours before they took him to weigh and measure him. Our little baby yet, weighing in at 8lbs 5 oz and 20" long! 

He is the sweetest little guy and rounds out our family of 5 perfectly. We love you Tucker!