Sunday, May 10, 2015

27 Weeks!

27 weeks on Mother's day! I'm so grateful for these sweet/crazy little kiddos that made me a mommy!

How far along? 
27 weeks 
Maternity Clothes?
Oh yes!
Never enough! I'm starting to run low on energy again and finding myself longing to go to bed around 8:30 every night.  
Miss anything?
Non maternity clothes. My poor wardrobe is so limited now; I can't wait to be back in regular clothing!
Yes! This boy loves to move; his favorite time to go crazy is around 9:00pm.
Food cravings?
Queasy or sick?
A few moments of queasyness here and there, but normal for the most part
Started to show?
Oh yes. I am officially big, as strangers have started to mention my pregnancy or ask when I'm due.
Labor Signs?
No. Still just some braxton hicks when I've been over doing it with the kids or around the house.
Belly button in or out?
Wedding rings on or off?
Exhausted. This last month has been insanely busy and it's not slowing down any time soon. Cheer has started back up, and keeping up with the kids and getting all of my next season cheer stuff together has left me feeling depleted. I totally had a afternoon of sobbing on Drew's shoulder out of pure exhaustion! 

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