Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A 28 week scare

On Friday, two days before I hit the third trimester, I woke up around 6:00am having contractions. I wasn't totally convinced at first that they were actually contractions, and I stayed in bed until almost 7. Once I got up with the kids I was still not feeling so great; I took a shower in hope that it would help ease the pain. I was also having some weird pain in my left leg, which only got worse with each contraction and as I stood longer in the shower.

After calling Drew, he convinced me I should probably call the doctor. The office wasn't open yet so I had to call the on call line; at this point I was feeling pretty silly because I really thought it was going to be nothing! My regular nurse talked to me and said she'd call my doctor and call me right back, but her initial reaction was to send me to labor and delivery. I hung up the phone with her and cried! In my mind it wasn't a big deal, but as soon as she said labor and delivery I freaked out a bit.
After talk to my doctor, she said to just come in to the office and my doctor would see me there first before deciding anything else.

I made the frantic phone call to my mom to have her come sit with the kids, and called Drew and cried my eyes out and asked him to meet me at the doctors office. The doctor came in and said she'd like to run a febrile fibronectin test, which can give indications as to whether or not I might be in preterm labor. She checked my cervix as well, which was thankfull not dilating, and sent me home to be on bed rest until she got the results from the FFN test back.

Drew grabbed his stuff from work, and came home to be with the kids the rest of the day, and I proceeded to lay in bed for the new few hours and track my contractions. Around 2:00pm the doctor called back, and I told her I had been having consistent contractions, every 5 minutes lasting about 45 seconds, even while on bedrest. She told me that my test had come back positive and she'd like us to come into labor and delivery to be monitored and possibly receive some medicine to stop contractions.

After some more tears, I called my grandparents who came to watch the kids, and Drew and I packed up and headed to labor and delivery. Once we got checked in, I got hooked up to the monitors to make sure baby was still doing okay, and to track my contractions. Our little man sounded great, and was having the time of his life kicking me in the sides and rolling around. After an hour or so of tracking contractions, which were still coming every 5 minutes or so, the doctor called in an order for terbutaline to stop the contractions.

After I got the medicine, I had only about 2 contractions during that first hour. After the initial first hour I had a few more minor contractions, but nothing strong or consistent. The doctor agreed we could go home and I could be on bed rest there the rest of the night. They told me I should be on modified or partial bed rest, meaning I should take it easy, but didn't have to be confined to bed. Any sign of contractions meant I needed to lay down and drink lots of water. If we still couldn't get contractions to stop we'd have to head to emmanuel for bed rest until our little man made his entrance.

We are so thankful that contractions have stopped and stayed away! It was quite the scare for both of us; we are so grateful for all the people praying for us and for our little guy, who thankfull is still staying tucked away for a while longer :)

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