Thursday, June 18, 2015

32 weeks and a small scare...

On Sunday, I hit 32 weeks! I also had the honor of being in my friend Kristin's wedding that day; what a great way to celebrate! Since I was busy at the wedding all day, these are the best "bump" pictures I have :)
 Can we just look at what a BEAUTIFUL bride Kristin was?!

On Monday night Drew and I were just sitting around after putting the kids to bed and I started having contractions again. I quickly laid down and drank a ton of water, but they kept going. After a warm shower I went to bed early in hopes things would settle down. Around 3:00am the contractions were strong enough that I couldn't sleep through them anymore, and after timing them for about an hour they were consistently 3-5 minutes apart. Drew jumped out of bed faster than I've ever seen him get out of bed ;) He called my mom to come watch the kids and then called labor and delivery to let them know we were on our way in again. 
Last time we were able to get a shot of medicine and that stopped things, so we figured the same was in store this trip as well. After a shot of terbutaline, which proved unsuccessful, I was put on a blood pressure medication that helps relax the smooth muscles, which helped my uterus to stop contracting. We were extremely happy to be able to be sent home with little man still cooking inside! 

Little man needs to stay inside for at least another 4 weeks, but preferably 6-8! I have not been put on strict bedrest, which Drew and I are both feeling very grateful for! I was also sent home with a prescription for the blood pressure meds that help with my contractions in case they start up again, so hopefully we can avoid another preterm trip to labor and delivery :)

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