Monday, June 1, 2015

Hunter is 2!

Hunter is 2! I can hardly believe what a little man he has started to look like lately. He seems more and more of a boy than a baby lately, and I just know once the new baby comes it will only get worse!

Here are his stats from his 2 year appointment today:
Weight: 32 lbs 6.4oz (91st percentile)
Height: 36" (92nd percentile) 
Head Circumference: 50 cm (83rd percentile) 

Hunter is wearing 2T-3T clothes and size 6 diapers. He's really lost his chub and is starting to 'thin' out :)

Hunter loves all things trucks, tractors, and trains. He can imitate almost all their noises, but his fire truck sound may be my favorite ;)

His verbal skills are still behind what his sisters were at this age, but his pediatrician tells me thats normal and isn't concerned. Drew and I have both found that his attitude is vastly improved now that he can communicate better with us. Some of our personal favorite words are "puckcorn" (popcorn) and "puckle" (pickle). 

He loves his sister! They may drive each other insane a majority of the time, but he loves to follow her and copy everything she is doing! She is often the first person he asks for, and when she is at school he is constantly asking where "issy" is. If we give him a snack, he is always sure to ask to bring one to Claire too. I love his adoration for her! 

Hunter and Daddy love to wrestle! He is such a rough and tumble little guy, and as soon as daddy gets home he likes to get all his wrestling out on him. He is slowly learning that Claire isn't fond of that, and has started to very kindly wait for daddy to do it with him. 

He is still as klutzy as ever. We often find him tripping over things, as he doesn't even bother to look at the ground when he comes running into a room. Sometimes he trips over nothing, but luckily he always bounces right back up and keeps going. 

Even with all his typical boy like tendencies, he is a huge mamas boy at heart, which I am trying to savor before he grows out of it! He loves to cuddle with me, and will often sneak away from daddy to find me if I am upstairs trying to get ready by myself. He constantly asks to sit in my lap, though most the time it only lasts for a few fleeting seconds before he is on to his next adventure. 

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