Monday, July 13, 2015

36 weeks

We made it to 36 weeks! After our preterm labor scares at 28 and 32 weeks, there was times I wasn't sure if we would make it this far. We are so thankful that our little man has stayed put until now. It's crazy to think that if we were to go into labor again, they wouldn't try and stop it this time!

We had an appointment on Thursday and had a growth ultrasound done. Since both kids were large (8lbs 13oz, and 9 lbs) and were born before their due dates, the doctor wants to make sure we don't have a huge baby where we could risk shoulders getting stuck, etc.... Right now baby is measuring about 6.5 lbs, which puts him around the 60th percentile. His head on the other hand is measuring 39 weeks already; lucky me. I'm only dilated to 1cm and about 30-40% effaced. I am feeling a little disappointed with that since with Hunter I was already 3 cm and Claire I was already at 2 cm, but trying not to let it bum me out. I'm hoping for more progress by my 38 week appointment, so that hopefully labor will be quick! 

How far along? 
36 weeks 1 day 
Maternity Clothes?
Yes! It's been insanely hot the last few weeks (95 degrees +), so I've taken to living in maternity tanks and cotton skirts. 
Still struggling with some pregnancy insomnia and leg cramps, but it's slowly getting better. I do tend to sneak in a half hour nap these days while the kids nap in the afternoon. 
Miss anything?
Regular clothes! 
Food cravings?
Long story, but I became obsessed with these popsicles from Costco. They are so delicious, and after Drew and I polished off a box of them in about a week (oops!) I sent Drew back to get more. Apparently everyone else liked them too because both Portland and Clackamas Costco were sold out! 

Queasy or sick?
I've had some queasy-ness return, but nothing too terrible :)
Started to show?
oh yes! You know you're big when you can feel everyone staring at you as you walk through a store/restaurant/etc....
Labor Signs?
Lots of random contractions, some consistent, some not. They usually go away within an hour or so. 
Belly button in or out?
Wedding rings on or off?
Off; it finally got too hot and made my fingers swell up a bit.
Feeling pretty impatient for our little guy to get here, but also a little in denial that we will soon be a family of 5! 

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