Wednesday, September 16, 2015

1 Month

What a whirlwind of a month!
Weight: 9lbs 8 oz (47th percentile)
Height: 21" (23rd percentile)
Our tiniest little baby! It's so crazy to not have a big chubby baby this time around. Tucker is wearing newborn diapers and still in newborn clothes; the longest any of our kids have fit in newborn stuff! I secretly love that he is staying so tiny, it makes his babyness seem to stretch out a little longer.

This first month consisted of lots of napping on daddy, who seems to have the magic baby sleeping touch! Anytime Tucker won't calm down or sleep, I can hand him to Drew and he is out within seconds.

Tucker coached his first cheer practice at just two weeks old! We had a week of daily doubles, and then he came along to cheer camp the next week. He's gonna be a pro cheerleader before I know it ;)
 Tucker has been by the far the easiest baby yet. He is so calm and laid back, which is such a blessing since this seems to be the busiest season yet for our family! His typical nighttime sleep schedule is bed around 9:30-10pm, wake around 2:30am to eat, and then again around 5 or 6am; not too bad for a newborn! Up until about week 4 Tucker was in our room, either in his swing, or more often in Drew's arms. Right about the one month mark we were able to transition him to not having to sleep directly on one of us, which has been a huge relief for our backs ;) During the day he is eating every 2 hours pretty consistently, and doing lots of napping. He does however give us a few good stretches of awake time a day; he has been the most alert of all our babies.

He tolerates his siblings so well! I'm sure he loves them too, but let's be honest, right now the poor kid is slightly smothered by them, so tolerate might be the better word for the moment. Both Claire and Hunter are very sweet with him, and just want to be up next him all the time. We often have to remind them to back up and not be so close to his face!

We had quite a few appointments this first month for our little guy, but hopefully we are slowing down on those. We went and saw the ENT a few times for a lip tie and tongue tie revision (Dr. Gehari in amazing if you need a ENT) and we've been to lactation and the pediatrician a few times for thrush that we just cannot seem to shake (we're on about week 3 now).

What a crazy whirlwind of a first month! We are so thankful for such a sweet and calm baby. Tucker has been the perfect addition to our family; it's crazy to think of our lives before he came. We love you sweet little man! 

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