Tuesday, December 8, 2015

4 Months!

Our little man is 4 months old!

Weight: 15 lbs 4 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 25.25" (50th percentile)

-Wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
-Consistently rolling from tummy to back, and beginning to try to roll from back to tummy.

-Tucker had his first real belly laugh this month! He was cooing and giggling at Claire on our way down the stairs, and then when she started to dance around he let out a nice big laugh. He has yet to do it again, but still coo's and makes little giggle noises here and there.

-We started the month with some rough sleeping, most likely due to the infamous 4 month sleep regression. We were trying it all, and after finally getting a good routine for naps and bedtime, and a tiny bit of sleep training, we are mostly back on track! Our typical night is bath, feed, books, and into bed by 8:00pm. We do a dream feed at 10 when we head to bed, and then Tucker is usually up to eat again around 2:30-3:00am, then back to sleep and up again anywhere between 6:00-7:00am.

-Tucker had his first Thanksgiving, first cold, and first Christmas tree hunt this month. The poor little guy was pretty miserable for a day or two with his cold!

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