Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

It's been our tradition the last couple years to go and get our tree the day after thanksgiving. This year that was totally our plan, but when all three kids woke up with colds, we ended up pushing our plan back a day.

On Saturday afternoon we stuffed all the kids in the back of papa's truck and headed out to find our 2 christmas trees! We always end up getting two; one for the front room for all the kids ornaments, and one for our living room for our more grown up and spaced out (ie, not all on one branch like my children love to do) ornaments.

We went to a place down the road that has any size nobel for $15. It ended up that these trees were tall! I'm talking the shortest tree probably being 9 feet. We ended up cutting a tree a foot or two up and still cutting almost another foot off at home to fit our 9 foot ceilings!

We also usually decorate our tree that same night, but with three kids under 4 and everyone feeling sick it took us yet another day to get our act together and get decorated.

The kids were so excited, and kept running around yelling about the lights and getting glitter everywhere :)

We put all three kids in their matching christmas jammies and got this sweet picture of them in front of the tree. Who are we kidding; we actually bribed them with candy and this is the most decent picture out of the zillion we took. We also almost had a baby dropping incident as well. Poor Tucker ;)

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