Thursday, February 4, 2016

6 Months

Tucker is 6 months! How crazy that half a year ago we were just meeting our little guy for the first time. In some ways it seems like it was just yesterday, and in other ways it feels like he's always been a part of our family.
Weight: 18lbs 12oz (73rd percentile)
Height: 27.25" (76th percentile)
Head: 45.5cm (96th percentile) 
Size 9-12 month clothing, size 3 diaper

-Still working hard on rolling from back to tummy, but he's getting close! 

 -Tucker has been working on his sitting this month. He still prefers to stand whenever possible, but he is getting better about letting us sit him up. I think his big head makes him a little more wobbly than normal, but he's slowly getting there :)
-Everything goes in the mouth! He is especially fond of fingers, mostly those of the person holding him.

-Tucker took his first road trip this month with Drew and I as we headed to Bend for a wedding. He did pretty good; we only had to stop one time each way to feed him. He was very ready to be out of his carseat by the end though! 

-We dedicated Tucker at church this month. It was really special for us to be surrounded by our family, friends, and church family.
-This has been the month of play dates for Tucker! We tend to have play dates for his siblings pretty often, but we finally did some play dates with his little baby friends! I can't say that he's super interested in other babies yet, but it sure is cute to get so many adorable babies together, especially with their amazing mommies!

 -We started solids at the end of the month. He was a little iffy about it in the beginning but now he can't get enough! Oatmeal with apple or peach are his favorites. We tried carrots which (of course) he wasn't such a fan of, but if I mix it with apples I can usually sneak a little in there.

 -Tucker took his first bath in the big tub with his siblings. I don't think he particularly liked his normally quiet and relaxing bath time interrupted by his noisy siblings ;) This picture is pretty cute, but lets be real, this bath ended with 2/3 in tears by the end.

-Happy 6 months my sweet little boy! We are so excited to see what your next 6 months hold. We love you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tucker's Dedication

On Sunday we dedicated Tucker at church. Drew and I each wrote Tucker a letter and picked a verse we hope will encourage his walk with the Lord in the future. We are so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing church family! 

This next picture pretty much sums up how it went with Hunter being on stage with us ;) 
What a little ham he is! He was having a great time rolling on the stage, looking at the monitor that showed Tuckers picture, and of course flashing the crowd his stomach. Oh boy, we have our hands full with that one!

Here is a video of the dedication if you're interested:

I swore I would not cry, but of course that was a silly promise to myself! My sweet little guy just gets me every time. We are so grateful for Tucker and cannot wait to see the man he will become.