Monday, March 14, 2016

7 Months!

Almost two weeks later, and I am finally getting this post up!

On March 2nd our little guy turned 7 months old. Crazy how fast time is flying!

Weight: 20.8 lbs (88th percentile)
Length: 28" long (81st percentile)
Size 4 diapers and 9/12 month clothing

This kid still loves his bath! He's graduated to being able to sit in shallow water and out of the baby tub this month. 

Tucker is pretty consistently sitting on his own now. We still prop a boppy or pillows around him for the times when he gets a little excited and his balance goes out the window. He always seems pretty proud of himself to be sitting on his own!

We had a couple nice sunny days this last month, which was the perfect opportunity for this guys first swing ride! As you call tell, he was a pretty big fan :)

-Oh sleep; will we ever see you again? We had some rough nights again this month, with Tucker having a pity part from about 11:30pm-4:00am and ending up in our room in the morning. Luckily we seemed to be evening out towards the end of the month, with only one or two wake ups. 

-Tucker is eating solids twice a day now; usually a yogurt for lunch and some fruits and veggies with rice cereal for dinner. He is a great eater and we haven't found much that he doesn't like yet. 

-This kid will still not roll! He used to roll all the time, and he has apparently chosen to give up on that; oh well!
 Little T, we love you so much! Thanks for bringing so many smiles into our lives!