Tuesday, April 26, 2016

8 Months!

Our little Tuck is 8 months old!


Size 4 diapers, and wearing 12-18 month clothing.

- Our little man has discovered his voice this last month, as well as the cool sounds his lips can make, and he is not afraid to use them!

-Tucker had his first Easter this month! He was pretty excited about it if you couldn't already tell ;)

- He continues to love food, and has yet to become picky on what he eats. He is starting to eat more of the food that we are eating and less pureed foods. He still doesn't have any teeth so we have to keep the pieces small, and soft, but he does pretty well!

-This kid will still not roll over. I know he can do it, since he's done it in the past and has done it a few times in his crib, but whenever he's awake and playing, he is not about rolling. He loves to sit and play with toys, and will sometimes cooperate with some tummy time, but I almost get the feeling that he's going to skip the rolling stage.

-We had some amazing weather a few days this month, and Tuck loved playing outside! He is not afraid of the grass (like his sister was) and we even found his sneaking in handfuls of dirt or bark dust chips a few times; yikes!

-Tuck had his first bowling trip! Okay, no, he didn't really bowl, but he was very enthralled with watching the balls roll down the lanes! 

Happy 8 months sweet guy! We sure love you!

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