Friday, May 6, 2016

The crazy month of April

Whew! We made it through April!

I'm not gonna lie, it was touch and go there sometimes, but we did it. Why so crazy you ask?

Well lets start with the fact that Drew was gone for 12 out of 30 days that month. April started with Drew being gone in Boston for a week. He came back and I jumped right into cheer tryout's which meant a long week of teaching material. On Saturday, my actual day of tryout's Drew left for Germany for 7 days. Thankfully my sweet mother in law came and stayed with the kids while I finished tryouts. The rest of the week was scattered with cheer meetings for me, and we were so lucky to have my parents and grandparents around to help with those too! It sure does take a village sometimes.
I told Drew he could take the kids with him; they even all fit in the suitcase!

Tucker picked the week of Drew being in Germany to cut two teeth, which meant 0 sleep for me. It was a long week, but luckily we stayed busy and before we knew it Drew was home!
 We spent an afternoon at my grandparents house playing in the sunshine
 We took our friend Heather with us for a trip to the zoo!

 We stopped by the hospital and got to meet our adorable new cousin/niece Jolene!
And I even took my three little crazies out to dinner to celebrate good attitudes at the end of a long week!

Drew always parks in long term parking when he goes on trips so that we don't have to worry about dropping him off or picking him up, but since his flight came in in the morning the kids and I decided to surprise him at the airport! Claire was so excited to make a sign, and cried when she saw him walking through the gate; Hunter did his sweet little nervous laugh which is almost a half cry too. They were so excited to see him!
Waiting patiently

We are so happy to have Drew home for a little while! Although there is already talk of another Europe trip in the next few weeks; dang it!

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