Monday, June 6, 2016

10 months!

10 months!

As you can tell, someone has developed his attitude, and is become a little less than thrilled with our monthly photo shoots. 

Standing all the time! He's still wobbly, but he wants to be able to stand and play as much as possible.

Tuck is still loving all his solids; the only things we've really found that he's not a fan of is cucumbers. He loves to eat whatever we are eating, and has been known to pitch a fit when he runs out of food, or I don't provide it fast enough.
I have to go away for 4 days for cheer camp with the team I coach in July, so we've started to slowly wean off one nursing session a day, and go to bottles. 

We are so close to having a crawler! He is on his hands and knees rocking back and forth almost constantly. He's moving backwards and can go from a crawling position to sitting, so I know we're in for it any day now.

Dare I say that we're coming to a point of sleeping more than not? We are finally most consistently sleeping through the night than not! Now that school is out, and our schedule is semi regular, I've finally gotten him down to two naps during the day. His typical sleep schedule looks like this:
7:00am Wake up
9:30am 1st nap
1:00pm 2nd nap
6:30-7pm Bedtime 

We've been having amazing weather the past couple weeks, so Tuck has been living it up in the pool, at the splash pad, and overall just enjoying spending time outside. 

Tuck still loves his mommy more than anyone (which can have it's downsides), with Daddy as a close second. He has really started taking an interest in Hunter this month, although I don't think Hunter fully returns to feelings. I'm excited to see what their relationship grows into as they grow older and are able to really play together. 

Happy 10 months little Tuck! I can't believe we are only a couple months away from your 1st birthday!

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