Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Claire Graduates!

Our sweet girl graduated from preschool and is off to kindergarten in the fall! I truly cannot believe how fast times flies, and how much she has learned already. It's amazing to see the way her brain works, the subjects that interest her the most, and how naturally curious she is. 

Right now her favorite things to 'study' are math and art. She is constantly asking to do addition problems with us, and she recently started working on her math workbook for the summer. She loves to draw, and is so much more creative than I could ever imagine. I've found her several times pausing a movie to draw or write what she sees on the screen, or taking books to look at the pictures and recreate them in her notebook. I have about 5,000 drawings hanging around the house, and our supply of printer paper seems to always be dwindling, but I love watching her be creative.

This is our "YAY! It's graduation" face ;)

Our little graduate.
We can't wait to see where the world takes you sweet girl!

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