Thursday, July 14, 2016

11 months!

11 months! How is this little guy going to be one in less than a month?
The past month was a big one for our little guy, with lots of accomplishments, and the discovering of his new found attitude.

Weight: 24 lbs
Height: 29"
Wearing size 5 diapers and 18/24 month clothing

 Tuck had his first strawberry picking trip this month; sadly it ended in lots of tears after he also got his first bee sting. Poor guy was sitting on a blanket next to me, and from what I can tell, he grabbed a bee that landed on his blanket and it stung his little pinky. He cried so hard and so long, we finally had to leave. The only way to get him to stop crying was shoveling strawberries in his mouth; see evidence below ;)

Our new (and only) party trick this month is waving! It's the cutest thing, and triggered almost anytime someone says "hi". Often times he starts waving as soon as we pull him out of the carseat, and continues all through the parking lot :) 

Tucker started crawling this month! He has been the slowest of all our kids to start crawling, which I was actually super okay with since  I knew life would get MUCH harder once he started. Now that he's mobile, he's into everything and loves to be 'helpful'
 We took our first trip to sisters with our friends the Stagers, and Tuck did his first hike. It was such a fun weekend of playing with friends and letting the kids explore the outdoors.

 Tucker also had his first trip to the beach this month too! We took an impromptu trip to the beach one Sunday and the weather was perfect! I wasn't sure how Tucker would do with the sand, but other than trying to eat a few mouthfuls, he did great!

Happy 11 months sweet boy! You are such a joy, always smiling and loving on everyone around you. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Claire is 5!

Claire is 5! I cannot even believe this girl is done with preschool and off to kindergarten in the fall. She is the sweetest, bossy with her brothers, scared of bugs, loves to color and craft, picky eater kind of girl. We are so lucky to get to love on her! 

 Height: 47" (99th percentile) 
Weight: 44 lbs 9 oz (78th percentile) 
Claire is wearing size 5/6 clothing and size 11.5/12 shoes 

5 year check up! This was before the total meltdown for the shots. I had to hold her down, while she screamed bloody murder, and her brothers had to be taken out of the room because she made them cry too. Yikes! 

With cousin Jolene! This girl loves babies!

5 Year Birthday Questionnaire: 

1. What is your favorite color? Pink and Purple
2. What is your favorite toy? A doll
3. What is your favorite tv show or movie? Rescue Bots 
4. What is your favorite thing to eat? spaghetti  
5. Who is your best friend? Heather 
6. What do you want to be when you grow up? A vet 
7. What is your favorite thing to do with Mom or Dad? sewing 
8. What is something that you are good at? Doing somersaults 
9. My favorite thing about school is.... writing numbers 
10. My favorite thing I've done this year presents

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Popcorn and Pajamas Party!

 Claire turned 5 last weekend, and we celebrated with a popcorn and pajamas party!
When we were trying to pick a theme for her birthday, we thought about the things that she loves to do. One of her favorite things right now is when we let the kids stay up late and make popcorn and have a family movie night. I suggested a movie party, and she was quick to point out that we would need popcorn AND pajamas. I guess in her mind it only made sense since she is always wearing her PJ's for our movie nights!
Party favors!

The popcorn and dessert table.

It was slightly chaotic to have 10 preschool age kids running around like crazy, but Claire had such a good time seeing her friends!

She was spoiled rotten by her friends, and had a great time running around with everyone. We are so grateful so many of her friends could come and celebrate with us!