Saturday, July 2, 2016

Popcorn and Pajamas Party!

 Claire turned 5 last weekend, and we celebrated with a popcorn and pajamas party!
When we were trying to pick a theme for her birthday, we thought about the things that she loves to do. One of her favorite things right now is when we let the kids stay up late and make popcorn and have a family movie night. I suggested a movie party, and she was quick to point out that we would need popcorn AND pajamas. I guess in her mind it only made sense since she is always wearing her PJ's for our movie nights!
Party favors!

The popcorn and dessert table.

It was slightly chaotic to have 10 preschool age kids running around like crazy, but Claire had such a good time seeing her friends!

She was spoiled rotten by her friends, and had a great time running around with everyone. We are so grateful so many of her friends could come and celebrate with us!

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