Wednesday, November 23, 2016

12 Months!

Oh my goodness, this is so late! I had this post sitting in my drafts since before August and apparently never actually finished it; oops! 

And just like that, our last baby turned 1! I have to say, of all the kids, I think Tucker's first year went the fastest of them all.

Weight: 25lbs 2 oz (93rd percentile)
Height: 30.25" (67th percentile)
Head Circumference: 49.5 cm (>99th percentile)

 Tuck is cruising everywhere! Not officially walking yet, pulling himself to standing and cruising on everything. He is pretty determined to be keeping up with the big kids!

Tuck went on his first camping trip this month! Our bi-annual family camp out landed in July this year, and we all packed up and drove to Prineville. Tuck did pretty well considering how little sleep the kids always seem to get on camping trips. 

 Our little 'helper' is always playing at the dishwasher! He is quick too! There have been a few times where he ran right over and snatched a knife out before I could get to him; dangerous little stinker!
 We've been enjoying our summer days with friends and playing outside as much as possible! Him and Colette are huge fans of the swing! He has actually thrown a couple fits if I take him out before he has deemed swinging time over.
Tucker we love you so much! How are you already 1?? What a wonderful first year we've had with you. You are the perfect addition to our family; your siblings adore you and you are always making us smile and laugh. We love you!

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