Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Claire is 6!

Claire is 6! I cannot believe that is was 6 years ago that Drew and I became parents for the first time. What a crazy whirlwind it has been!

Height: 51" (>99th percentile)
Weight: 50lbs 3oz (77th percentile)

Claire is our quiet, sweet, crafty girl. She could sit and color, or craft a project all day long; I often find tiny scraps of paper that she cut, or sparkles from a project all over the house. There are constantly pieces of paper and markers strewn about the table. Sometimes it drives me nutty cleaning up all the crafting supplies, but I love seeing her cultivate her artistic side as well.

Claire finished kindergarten this year! It was such a crazy year with her being gone all day at school, and while the adjustment seemed like no big deal for her, it was harder on my mommy heart than I thought it would be. It has been really fun for Drew and I to see her learning so many new things; getting to watch your child learn to read and write is truly amazing. I think almost everyday we could look at each other and say "Did you see that? Did you know she could do that!?"

 One thing we didn't anticipate during kindergarten was the addition of her new 'friend' Hunter. She came home one day from school and told me "Hunter and I are getting married because we love each other". Woah! I was thinking I had a few more years, but apparently she's starting early ;) 

Claire requested a Moana party this year, and we had a great time with her friends at our house, swimming, decorating sea shells and eating cake!

Claire asked to get her ears pierced for her birthday this year. I was a little nervous about it since Claire and anything slightly painful don't go very well together. The first time we went in we ended up leaving when her nerves got the best of her, but a few days later she told me she was ready. We went in and got them both done at the same time (thank goodness!) and there were no tears shed! A bit of shock when it first happened, but after that she was so happy to have them done!

Sweet Claire, I hope you never change! It's hard sometimes for me to remember to soak up these moments now before they become fewer and farther between. I love that you still want to do things with your daddy and I. You are becoming so grown up and independent, and I love watching you get to spread your wings. I hope you always stay kind to others, hard working and loyal. We love you!

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